12 Things Girls Think When Shopping The Sale Rack

There’s something about a sale that jump starts your shopping heart with a flurry of excitement. Mixed in with the stuff you can’t believe was ever given the green light to be mass produced, are some amazing gems that cost less than your lunch! However, a deeply discounted price tag can sometimes cloud your normal fashion judgement. If you’re a sale shopper like us, these are the 12 things we all undoubtedly think about when flipping through the racks.

1. OMG 50% of the sale price? This is amazing.

2. I’m definitely buying whatever I like.

3. All the dresses are ugly.

4. Why isn’t this amazing shirt in my size?

5. Do I really need another pair of black pants?

6. Hmmm…could I pull this off?

7. Fuck it, it’s only $5. I’m not gonna starve if it doesn’t work out.

8. I’m not finding anything…maybe that one dress isn’t sooo bad.

9. Where did that girl find those perfect cutoffs and bag?

10. Maybe if I just cut the collar off this, it would look good.

11. Everything is picked over.

12. Even with the sale price it’s still too expensive.