12 Signs You’re Crushing On The Wrong Person

Crushing is tough, and sometimes when the object of your affection is giving you a mixed bag of confusing signals, it’s hard to know when to throw in the towel and move on, or hang in there and see if their hot and cold behavior begins to simmer. To assist in shedding some light on your current potential plus one situation, take a peek at theses 12 signs you’re crushing on the wrong person.

1. They don’t make much effort to see or talk to you consistently.

2. It’s not uncommon to make plans only for them to break them last minute and not offer another time to get together.

3. You have a great time when you hang out, but when you’re out of sight, you are definitely out of their mind.

4. Your day always includes multiple scans of all their social media platforms to figure out where they are, what they’re doing, and who they’re hanging with.

5. They don’t try to hide their penchant for flirting with other people on these social media platforms.

6. You have been known to start checking on every person they flirt with’s social platforms.

7. You have had more than one conversation with yourself on how unhealthy it all is and suddenly realize you’re in a #dark place.

8. When people talk about how easy it was when they started dating their significant other, you cannot relate to them on any level of it.

9. You never have a clue when you’ll hear from your crush again after each date.

10. You constantly feel like they roll their eyes when they get a text from you.

11. You’re pretty sure he considers you an option and not a priority.

12. But none of this matters because the next time your crush decides to throw some attention your way, you give in…every. single. time.