10 Gift Ideas When You’re Broke AF

Money is kind of the worst, eh? Most of the time you’re in a cycle of worrying about it, trying to earn it, or trying to save it. Cue all the UGHs. Around the holiday season, the money woes can multiple as you try to come up with gift ideas for all your loved ones. Well, you don’t have to go into crazy credit card debt to please all the people in your life. Here are 10 radical gift ideas when you’re broke AF:

Homemade Cookies – Everybody loves a good holiday cookie! Spend the day baking delicious treats for all your loved ones.

Handwritten Letters – Bougie gifts aren’t everything. Buy a nice card and write something meaningful inside. That sort of thing will be cherished well after most random gifts are forgotten.

A Sentimental Ornament – If your friend or family member is all about the Christmas tree trimming, give them a fun personal ornament. Make it yourself arts and crafts style, or buy a little something they’ll put on their tree for years and years to come.

Pet-focused Presents – When in doubt, focus on the pet. You can’t go wrong with a cute bandana for a pup or a batch of quality treats.

Create A “Favorite Things” Bundle – Odds are, some of your favorite things aren’t crazy expensive. Because you know your pals so well, go for a thoughtful gift basket with a handful of their favorite things. Think favorite soda, favorite tea, movie snack, or nail polish color. Package it up nicely and you’ll be a gift-giving winner.

Wine Wipes – Have you seen these handy wipes? For the red wino in your life… and let’s be real, everyone has a wino bud, they’ll love this handy gift.

A Cool Succulent – Succulents are always a great gift. Pot an inexpensive succulent from a hardware store into a cool, vintage pot from a thrift store and BAM you’re in business.

Incense Set Up – Everybody loves candles, but incense is truly the shit. Buy your pals an incense holder and a package or two of nice incense. It’ll only cost a few bucks and they’ll be hooked in no time.

Vintage Point & Shoot Camera – These days, everybody is so digital with photos. Hit up your local thrift store and snag a bunch of basic point and shoot cameras for your pals. Throw in a roll of actual film and your gift buying days are over.

Inside Joke “Gag” Gift – Any close group of pals has a weird inside joke or two. Maybe you talk about eating tuna sandwiches from Subway or drinking Smirnoff Ice before you go out for the night. Buy the gag gift and you’ll get a laugh and some appreciation.