Who Did Star Wars Better: The 1975 Vs. The Naked And Famous

It’s hard to believe we’re already in November and it’s going to be another 364 days until we gorge ourselves on candy while dressed up in a silly costume. Last weekend, we saw some celebs step out in some pretty incredible Halloween creations, but for those who are on the road and performed for hundreds of fans on the spookiest night of the year, a sick costume was a must.

Obviously for a band, a group costume has to be truly iconic and/or relevant to pop culture, which isn’t always so easy. For The 1975 and The Naked And Famous, both bands chose to don their best Star Wars get ups and successfully pulled it off.

We can’t even say it was hilarious because they looked so freakin cool and fans are blowing up Instagram with all the excited feels for both bands. It’s basically impossible to decide who wore it better so we’ll let you decide! Who do you think won the Star Wars battle of the bands?