This Is Why You Need To Stop Talking To Your Ex

I’ll be the first to admit I’m guilty of falling into the trap of talking to an ex again after a bad break up. I thought after two years of silence we could be friends and maybe he had changed his ways. I considered the possibility that our former relationship was just getting us ready for the REAL thing. Turns out I just got burned all over again. So to spare all of you the emotional torture I went through, here’s a healthy list of why you need to stop talking to your ex right this second.

1. It’s easy to remember the good stuff, but there’s a reason you’re not together. Remember the bad stuff?

2. Talking to your ex only holds you back from the one you’re supposed to be with.

3. They aren’t worth anymore of your tears.

4. Talking to them doesn’t mean you’re getting back together.

5. That being said, know that they are never going to tell you what you want to hear.

6. You should only surround yourself with people who truly LOVE you!

7. You could be spending time with your rad friends instead of on your loser ex.

8. Torturing yourself is just wrong.

9. If they say they still love you but aren’t acting like it, they’re just stringing you along.

10. They likely have another love interest they haven’t been able to “lock down” and are just using you as an emotional filler until they get who they really want.

11. Your friends are rolling their eyes at you behind your back.

12. If they hurt you once, they won’t have a problem doing it again.

13. If you don’t stand up for yourself, they’ll know they can continue to treat you like garbage, and who wants to be considered trash?

14. You’ve already given them more than they were willing to give and more than they deserve.