Things That Run Through Everyone’s Mind On Thanksgiving

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is tomorrow?! Not gonna lie, we’re a bit puzzled as to how we’re going to deal with all the family drama, especially post-election in a world where everything offends everyone. While some of you may not have to deal with any of that stuff (you are #blessed) a lot of us sometimes do and there’s only one way to cope: relating to stuff on the internet! Here are 8 things that run through everyone’s mind on Thanksgiving.

I kinda just want to eat myself into oblivion today.

Can’t decide if I’m even #Thankful today.

Must I socialize with these people?

Are we seriously related?

Where can I take a nap and be alone?

Ugh! Why is everyone so judgemental? OMG am I that way too?

No politics, please!

Is it time for pie yet?