The Best Kylie Jenner Quotes For Every Social Situation

Sorry I’m not sorry that I think Kylie Jenner is totally awesome. While haters continue to hate, Kylie just keeps living her cartoonish life and saying hilarious things along the way. She takes criticism in stride and has a seriously tough DGAF attitude about what people think of her.

Ever since the spotlight has centered itself on Kylie and her family, she’s said some pretty choice things that can easily transition to situations we face all the time. LOL…check them out below.

When someone asks a fun fact about you.

When you want to shut up anyone who questions what you’re putting in your mouth.

When you have to have the last word.

When anyone tries to take away your individuality by comparing you to someone else.

When you’re trying to break up with someone.

When you feel like complaining about something really basic.

When the babe who dissed you comes around spitting game because you got a make over.

When someone you don’t know tries to tear you down.

When you have to explain why you missed curfew.

When you just can’t go along with what someone is saying to you.