Signs Your Relationship Is Nearing Its End

There’s nothing worse than realizing someone is falling out of love with you. It’s hard to deal when it seems like just yesterday you were consumed with excited butterflies and seeing the world through rose colored glasses. It’s a fact of life that the majority of romantic relationships you’ll be involved in won’t work out, but to help keep you from being caught off guard by a break up, here are a few signs to look out for that your once amazing relationship is soon to sail away forever into the sunset.

1. Communication becomes infrequent. If your S.O. stops answering texts in a timely manner and makes excuses for not getting back to you, don’t brush this off with an excuse of, “They’re just busy.”

2. They don’t make you a priority. You used to be the person they wanted to do everything with and invite to hang with their friends. Now it seems like they’re wanting to do more and more things without you.

3. They avoid talking about what’s going on between you two. If you confront them on why they’re being so distant and they say things like, “I can’t talk about this right now.” or, “I’ll text you later.” but it never happens, it’s safe to say they’re hiding feelings from you that they know have potential to hurt you.

4. They don’t even notice when you give them the silent treatment. Sometimes to gauge how much you’re on someone’s mind, you need to go silent and see what happens. If you don’t text, call, or interact in any way (like, comment, watch) on their social media, and they don’t come around asking what’s up, take this as a huge red flag that they are checking out of the relationship big time.

5. When you do hang out, it’s nothing but resentful feelings and stupid fights. Um hello…a healthy relationship doesn’t get to this point. If you find that you’re feeling constantly insecure, hurt, resentful, and sad about how things are when you two are together, it might be time to ask yourself what makes it worth staying in a stale situation.

6. You ask them for something simple and they can’t follow through. You request a cute selfie because you miss them, or a text when they have a chance to let you know how their day is, but it never comes, (even after they said they would), seriously consider kicking them to the curb.

Just remember, you’re freakin’ AWESOME, and even if a break up feels like death, you will survive and find the person who is 100% right for you.