Secrets You Never Knew About My So-Called Life

The resurgence of ’90s trends and culture has been making a major mainstream comeback. With it are memories of watching the trials and tribulations of Angela Chase and her motley crew of friends on My So-Called Life. While the show only lasted one season, the characters and their story lines made a lasting impact we won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Sure you might know every line and be convinced that Jordan Catalano is actually a real person, but these 15 facts you didn’t know about MSCL just might make the show feel fresh all over again!

1. Alicia Silverstone almost nabbed the role of Angela, but was deemed “too pretty” to play an angsty teen.

2. Jared Leto was only supposed to make an appearance in the pilot episode, but was written in as a continuing character after seeing him on film. However, he almost turned down the role in favor of art school.

3. Speaking of ongoing characters, Tino is the only one who was mentioned throughout the show, but never seen.

4. Only two episodes do not have Angela’s voice over. Life of Brian was voiced by Brain Krakow and Weekend was narrated by Danielle Chase.

5. Show creator Winnie Holzman made a cameo in one episode as teacher Mrs. Krzyzanowski.

6. Ricki Vasquez was the first openly gay teenager to appear on American network TV.

7. Jared Leto taught Claire Danes how to properly make out.

8. University High School, where the show was shot in LA, was also used for Lizzie McGuire, 7th Heaven and Bruce Almighty.

9. Jared’s older brother Shannon Leto had a small role on the show as Jordan Catalano’s bandmate and friend.

10. The show’s cancellation sparked the first online campaign to save a show.

11. After its cancellation, author Catherine Clark wrote a follow up novel My So-Called Life Goes On. 

12. At 15, Claire Danes won a Best Actress Golden Globe for her portrayal of Angela.

13. Jared Leto was 23-years-old when he was cast to play a 16-year-old.

14. The Chase family cat was mentioned throughout the show but only had a few seconds of on-screen time in one episode during the entire series.

15. Even though he ended up not being such a great guy, Graham Chase remains listed as one of the Top 50 TV dads of all time.