Hair Obsession: Rainbow Roots

It’s no secret we love all kinds of creative, cool, edgy, fun and innovative ways to use bold, bright and beautiful hair dyes, but for some, achieving a head turning hair color can wreak havoc on your strands and make it look like a messy fucked up cotton ball from the damage.

Now it’s possible to get really rad hair without ruining your entire mane. Rainbow roots are popping up all over on Pinterest, and while it’s not a completely brand new trend, it’s worth revisiting as we slowly ease into the season of holiday parties, where adding a little flair to your hair is necessary.

Having a strip of multi-colored amazing at your roots adds nothing but texture, fun and an unexpected element of surprise. You can go for a more permanent look with dye, or for those who aren’t ready to fully commit, hair chalk does a great job too.

Click into the gallery above and take a peek at these cool rainbow roots that are sure to inspire your next hair dare.