5 Heavy ‘I Like You’ Hints To Drop On Your Crush

Having a crush can be super tough. It’s easy to look at their photos on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, stalk their Instagram and occasionally make eye-contact in the halls, but it’s finding that certain something to make them notice you without freaking them out that always seems like the impossible task. Fortunately, there are five things you can do next time you find yourself swooning to help you get closer to your crush.

1. Be the first to say hi.  It sounds scary, but it’s really that simple. You shouldn’t have to wait for the person you’re crushing on to make the first move. Being confident enough to start a conversation with someone you like can earn you major respect points. Even if they don’t feel the same, their cute friend might notice how self-assured you are and you’ll still end up with a date!

2. Give your crush something small and cute. You might be seeing that guy in class as something more than friend so show him that you’ve paid attention to the little things! Next time you’re at the store, pick up a pack of his favorite gum and give it to him. He’ll be super stoked on your thoughtfulness and have no reason to make fun of this tiny gift you know he’ll love.

3. “Like” his profile photo on Facebook. Taking 2 seconds to click that “like” button shows you were interested enough to give him that little bit of extra attention.

4. Invite him and his friends to the next social event you’ll be at. Whether it’s going to the movies or a party at your BFF’s, send him a text with a simple, “If you and your friends aren’t busy, come hang out!” It keeps the pressure off the situation turning too datey, but still gives you time with them outside of school.

5. Make an effort to be friends with his friends.  Sometimes the best way to get to your crush is to become friends with all his BFFs. Once he sees how great they think you are, he’s sure to give you more attention.

What’s the best way you’ve ever gotten your crush’s attention?