#FBF Our 9 Fave Dance Movies

On this post-election Friday, good ol’ fashioned entertainment is exactly what we need. With this in mind, let’s reflect on our 9 fave dance movies. From Channing Tatum and Jenna  Dewan Tatum dancing on rooftops in Step Up to Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens dancing on rooftops in High School Musical 3 dance movies and musicals really know how to rock your world. This weekend, sit back, relax, and treat yourself to some absurd dance programming where cares are small and fucks are low.

Center Stage – This modern ballet flick may be a little light on acting chops, but it’s heavy on the bomb dance sequences!

Magic Mike XXL – Yeah, it’s a stripper movie, but damn these hunks have MOVES.

Strictly Ballroom – You have to give it up to the Aussies for this comical ballroom movie. All you Moulin Rouge/Baz Luhrmann fans out there should definitely get this on the horn since it’s his origin flick and all!

Step Up – This movie launched a huge franchise of dance films and brought Channing & Jenna Dewan Tatum together so double bonus.

Dirty Dancing – Never forget: Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

Save The Last Dance – Everybody loves watching Julie Stiles learn to dance hip hop, amirite?

Footloose – Let’s pretend the remake doesn’t even exist. A hot, young Kevin Bacon or bust.

Flashdance – Revisiting this ’80s classic is worth it, just for the chair/water dump scene.

High School Musical 3 – OK, I know this is technically a musical, but damn these kids really cut a rug.