Exclusive: K.Flay Talks About Music, Her Fans, And Being Dumb About Clothes

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard up and coming artist K.Flay (Kristine Flaherty) blowing up on rock radio with her single, “Blood In The Cut,” off her recently released Crush Me EP. While she’s currently criss crossing America sharing her stellar tunes on tour, K.Flay found time to answer 10 questions for Buzznet about her reaction to hearing herself on the radio for the first time, what her second dream job would be, how she hopes to inspire fans and more!

Check out what she had to say and listen to her Crush Me EP below!

1. First three thoughts you had when you heard yourself on the radio for the first time?


Are other people hearing this?

I hope my mom is listening

2. What has been the most rewarding part of your career that fans might be surprised to know? 

I think it’s the feeling of connection, across people and places and times. that we’re all looking for the same things. that we aren’t very different at all.

3. If you weren’t doing music what would be your second dream job?

A podcast producer.

4. Your single “Blood In The Cut” is killing it on radio. What’s next for you to build on the momentum? 

Finishing my full length record & continuing to tour. I’m really excited for everything coming up next year

5.What items are necessary to have in the studio for you to have a successful writing/recording session?

My laptop, a guitar, Kill Bill 2 on mute, and some fernet.

6. Bands/Artists you’d love to collaborate with?

At the moment, Vic Mensa and Glass Animals.

7. In what ways do you want to inspire your fans?

Mainly I hope to inspire honesty. We live in a space where so much can be manipulated, and so much is expected to be manipulated — curated, contrived, edited. I think that’s a real detriment to self expression and happiness in a lot of ways. In my mind, honesty and vulnerability is the way forward.

8. How do you want people to describe your music?

I hope people describe my music as lyrically driven, cross genre. Kind of alternative, kind of indie, kind of rap, kind of everything.

9. Every artist has their individual stage style. How much do you put into your “look”…do you think it’s important to have one?

I don’t put a ton of time into my on stage style, largely because I’m dumb about clothes. but I have friends who are very smart about clothes and they teach me things. For the show, I’m mainly concerned with feeling comfortable, being able to jump around and get wild.

10.What are your pre and post show rituals? 

Pre-show, I warm up my voice, stretch, do a little team huddle, and sometimes throw a shot of whiskey in there too. After the show, I hang out at merch meeting people and signing things. After that, I usually try to see friends in whatever city we’re in, or if I’m super beat, listen to a podcast and pass out.