Every One Liner From ‘Girls’ You Need To Use On Your Crush

When you have a crush, you deal with a rollercoaster of emotions that often leave you exhausted, and sometimes speechless. Regardless if they’re good or bad, you’ll definitely have moments of wishing you had an awesome one liner to throw your crushes way during a crucial time of communication. Fortunately for all of us, Girls exists and has every zinger you need to help crush the conversation every time.

1. When your crush asks what you’re “looking for.”

2. The first time your crush does something shady.

3. It’s your turn to plan date night.

4. To prove you are forever cool, confident, and comfortable with who you are.

5. When you’re not in “the mood” and have to explain why you’re dating in the first place.

6. After you have your first fight and you’re desperate to keep your crush from breaking things off.

7. When you want your crush to think they might lose your interest.

8. After the honeymoon phase has worn thin and you have to get real about the relationship.

9. When your crush wants to know why you aren’t responding to their texts.

10. The moment you find out your crush is still dating other people and it’s killing you.

11. When your crush says something sweet, but you’re too moody to believe it.

12. How you let your crush know how important they are to you.

13. When you want to tell your crush they look hot as hell in a classy way.

14. If your crush ever tries to break up with you.