D*ck In Disguise: Hidden Relationship Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore

There’s really no better feeling in the world than when you find a romantic plus one to do everything with. The endless texts, fun adventures, mundane errands feeling like the most fun when it’s with them…siiigh. The only problem when the warm fuzzies are going full throttle, is the potential for the rose color glasses to completely blind you to the fact that this seemingly dream dude is a total d*ck in disguise.

1. You’re a public secret among his friends. Sure, he invites you over for movie nights and fun hangs with his group of friends, but it’s not until everyone leaves that he shows any kind of more than friend affection toward you. 

2. He goes hot and cold with communication. Some days it’s a zillion texts and snapchat DMs, and the next it’s barely a hi. 

3. They don’t  follow through on promises they make, then when it’s convenient for them to see you again, they feed you an apology full of bullsh*t  that never adds up to why they couldn’t send a simple text to let you know what’s up. 

4. He always changes the subject when you try to talk about what the status of your relationship is. 

5. There is zero problem in his mind with cancelling plans with you last minute to go hang with his buddies. 

6. His actions have put a pit in your stomach at least three time within the first few months of dating. 

Just remember, everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt, but if your dream dude is giving you the kind of feels that cause you stress and upset, more than making you feel like his one and only, it might be time to cut those ties and find someone who treats you like the ultimate babe that you are.