Apollo Gathering: 48 Hours of Music & Self-Discovery

I recently had the pleasure of joining an eclectic group of musical guests, artists, workshop instructors and vendors in the Mojave Desert for the first ever Apollo Gathering.  I must say, it was truly an incredible experience! In short, Apollo Gathering is a lunar festival focused on the spirit of discovering one’s light and darkness in a community of sustenance. The festival spans 48 hours of non-stop music and self-discovery over 3 magical days.  Genres ranged from downtempo, experimental hip-hop, deep house, funk/disco house, progressive, and trance).  The mornings were jam-packed with yoga- yin, vinyasa, and acro.  Needless to say, there was never a dull moment!  The festival was an incredible place for self-expression, self-acceptance and self-reliance under the traversing sun and moon!