‘Almost Famous’ One Liners For 20 Different Life Situations

It’s kind of hard to accept the fact that Almost Famous hit the silver screen more than 15 years ago. Penny Lane, William Miller, the Band-Aids and Stillwater captured our hearts and made us wish we could join the circus of a traveling band, even if just for a few days. The adventures, mishaps, heartbreak, and life lessons are a timeless reminder to embrace everything the world throws at you, and there’s no denying the movie has some pretty amazing quotes to use when you need to express yourself in just the right way.

1. When you really need someone to vouch for the ultimate radness of your friend group.

2. How to say good-bye without really saying good-bye.

3. When you’re watching your favorite band and the people next to you don’t care about the music as much as you.

4. When your best friend is freaking out about staying too long at a super fun event.   

5. Advice to give when your squad is about to go to the party of the year.

6. When you’re asked what your favorite pizza toppings are.

7. What you say when you find out your crush doesn’t feel the same about you.  

8. What to say when something really sad happens.

9. When someone younger than you feels like a huge dork.

10. When something really exciting happens.

11. When you need to have a serious conversation with someone you care about.

12. How to explain your fascination with the celebrity spotlight and gossip blogs.

13. What to say to someone who doesn’t share a lot about themselves.

14. When someone you know only wants to be around a cool and connected crowd.

15. The next time you’re at an all you can eat buffet with your BFFs.

16. How to drop the F-bomb without actually dropping it.

17. The next time your friend starts complaining that the party you’re at is too wild.

18. When you feel suffocated by your normal crew.

19. What to tell your best friend when you’re going on vacation.

20. How to explain the difference between your fandom and everyone else.