9 Lifestyle Bloggers That Make Us Question Everything

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and the world wide web in general are just overflowing with bloggers! Seriously, anyone can get their blog on, but there are always a few choice pros that crush it. I’m talking about the fashion bloggers, travel writers, and lifestyle gurus that inspire you, but mostly make you question your life. Like, how come every moment of your day doesn’t look like it came out of a magazine, amirite? To further prove our point and to lay on equal doses of envy and motivation, here are 9 lifestyle bloggers that make us question everything from our outfit to our home decor to our GD lunch:

The Jungalow – If you’re a fan of exotic prints, cacti, and wild jungle style, this blog is better than porn!

Pretty Little Fawn – This LA native is always killing the game. Flawless hair, flawless style, and all the fashion inspo a girl can dream of.

Dreamy Whites – Speaking of dreams… Dreamy Whites is all about that fabulous farmhouse, shabby chic life. If you need a push into simple, yet elevated farm style, this blogger will do the trick. Also, she’s got Frenchies!!

New Darlings – OK, so you know how people are all #relationshipgoals? New Darlings are so fucking adorable you sort of want to choke them and love them and be them all at once. Also, baby girl’s bang game is STRONG.

Margo And Me – When you’re curled up in bed alone and want to remember romance is out there, get a load of Margo and Me.

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Julia Hengel aka Gal Meets Glam – If you’re looking for a lady whose life looks one part Nicholas Spark’s movie and two parts elevated L.L.Bean catalog, this is your jam.

Julie’s Kitchen – This food blogger kills it in the kitchen. She also manages to make herbs and spices into full blown art displays.

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Song of Style – This fashion/travel blogger is stunning and sure knows how to take a top-notch staircase pic!

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Hippie In Heels – This travel blogger is hitting all the fab places on your bucket list and she’s doing it in style.