7 Songs That Should Be Featured On TV

Music adds a certain element to our favorite TV shows and without it, a crucial scene just doesn’t flow as well. The more I listen to certain songs, I can just picture them in a TV scene but unfortunately, music supervisors don’t always get the memo. Though I’ve been finding myself watching less TV lately, there are certain can’t-miss shows, like The Vampire Diaries and Younger, that I tend to gravitate towards which had me thinking of the perfect tracks for upcoming episodes.

Fleurie – “Can You Hear Me?”

Taken from the singer’s film-inspired record, Love and War, this one would be stellar in any spooky scene!

Transviolet – “Bloodstream”

Though this track was featured on an episode of Supergirl, it would fit perfectly in an episode of The Vampire Diaries. Maybe for a possible Damon/Elena reunion?

MOTHXR – “Easy”

Perfect love scene between Liza and Josh in Younger? I think yes!

Wall of Trophies – “Debt”

I’ve been saying this for almost a year but this song NEEDS to be featured on The Vampire Diaries or The Originals before they both end!

Garbage – “Magnetized”

American Horror Story, maybe?

Tyler Glenn – “Shameless”

Hmm…Scandal? 😉

Banks – “Mind Games”

OK let’s be real here: This song can do no wrong on any show!

What songs do you want to hear on TV?!