12 Times Celebrities Shut Down Stupid Questions

Celebrities understand when living in the spotlight they’re going to be subject to some pretty ridiculous questions. However, while promoting new projects, sharing news and big life events with fans is exciting for the celebrity, some reporters seriously miss the mark when it comes to getting a famous face to dish out juicy info to craft a story around. As the celebs below prove, sometimes their reaction to a bad question becomes the story everyone is talking about! Check out these amazing comebacks some of Hollywood’s best and brightest have given to seriously stupid inquiries!

1. The time Robert Pattinson walked out on an interview with Ryan Seacrest because he asked about Kristen Stewart; post-cheating scandal.

He didn’t cause a scene, but simply got up and left, leaving his publicist to handle the press mess.

2. When Cara Delevingne was on a promo tour for her movie Paper Towns, the reporters interviewing her called her the wrong name twice and making judgy comments about her demeanor.

Cara  holds her own and promptly ends the interview.

3. Anne Hathaway made it pretty clear she wasn’t up for talking about her weight while promoting The Dark Knight Rises.

When asked how much weight she lost to fit into the Catwoman suit, Anne dramatically gasped and playfully admonished the “forward young man” for his major interview misstep.

4. While on the red carpet, The Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik was asked if she could solve the calculus problems that appear on the show.

Not knowing she has a PhD in neuroscience, Mayim made it awkward real quick when she let the correspondents know she is more than capable of solving calculus problems. LOL.

5. Scarlett Johansson is pretty even keeled, but when asked what kind of underwear she dons underneath her Avengers costume, she couldn’t be less amused.

She promptly fires back, “What is going on? Since when did people start asking in interviews about their underwear?” Nervous laughter ensues and the awkward is undeniable.

6. One of the most memorable celebrity comebacks comes from Mila Kunis who jumped to the defense of Justin Timberlake while promoting their movie in Russia.

A reporter asks Justin why he wants to be in movies, and Mila cuts in and tells the reporter in fluent Russian how stupid her question is.

7. If you insult Matt Damon by telling him the only reason he works hard is to ensure job security, you’re making a big mistake.

Check out the impressive vocabulary and debate he starts with the unfortunate reporter who dared to get on Matt’s bad side.

8. Entertainment Tonight‘s Nancy O’Dell started some bad blood between her and Taylor Swift when she implied that Tay is open to bringing guys home at the end of the night.

Taylor has no problem biting back with, “I’m going home to my cats. Guys get me in trouble.”

9. We’ve all pretty much forgotten that Rihanna starred in that flop movie Battleship. However, while doing press for the film, a reporter asked Rihanna if the rumors were true that she was romantically linked with Ashton Kutcher.

Her response was perfect in letting the reporter know how much she didn’t like the question. She simply said,  “That’s disappointing.”

10. It’s always important to do your research before interviewing celebs.

When a reporter told Rashida Jones she looked tan, without knowing her ethnic background, Rashida responded quickly with, “I mean, you know, I’m ethnic.”

11. One reporter was so rude to Jesse Eisenberg during a press tour he called her, “The Carrot Top of interviewers.”

Her rudeness is unbelievable and the awkwardness is hilarious.

12. Reality star and business mogul, Lauren Conrad doesn’t play into spicy questions asked by reporters.

When one radio DJ asked what her favorite position was…alluding to action behind closed doors, she came back with a position in business, “CEO.”