12 Things Everyone Thinks When Dealing With FOMO

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re missing out on something. It could be as basic as running to the mall for an errand with your BFFs, or something big like watching everyone you know go to a music festival while you sit home wishing you had money to join. Either way, the feeling of FOMO sucks big time and these are 12 things that we all think when faced with this stomach pit inducing emotion.

1. Everyone is having the best time and I’m not there.

2. Life is unfair.

3. Am I becoming socially irrelevant?

4. What am I supposed to post on Instagram if I’m not part of what my friends are doing?

5. I hate social media, it’s just making my FOMO worse.

6. Is there something I can do to make everyone else feel FOMO?

7. I need to start booking up my calendar with stuff so I don’t miss out on anything from this point on.

8. How come everything costs so much money to be a part of?

9. Ok maybe I need to chill and stop being so crazy.

10. I don’t think I can stop because I’m already freaking out.

11. Is it normal to freak out this much over not being part of something?

12. I need ice cream to make me feel better.