SuperBad Fun Facts You Didn’t Know

Of all the teen movies to hit the silver screen, Superbad is one that will forever stand the test of time. A night of hijinks between three friends on their way to a senior year party was nothing short of hilarious and heartwarming. However, no matter how many times you’ve watched this funny flick, these 12 fun facts are probably things you didn’t even know!

1. The first draft of Superbad was written by Seth Rogen when he was 13, with co-writer Evan Goldberg. Columbia Pictures/Giphy

2. No real booze was part of filming. Water, apple juice, and non-alcoholic beer was used as substitutes. Columbia Pictures/Giphy

3. Michael Cera’s mom read the script first and urged Michael to audition for it. Columbia Pictures/Giphy

4. The film’s original title was The Bitter End. Columbia Pictures/Giphy

5. The F word was used 186 times during the movie. Columbia Pictures/Giphy

6. The dance moves in the opening credits came from an hour of Michael Cera improvising them on set. Columbia Pictures/Giphy

7. Justin Long had a part in the movie, but he ended up on the cutting room floor. Columbia Pictures/Giphy

8. Christopher Mintz-Plasse was only 17 when he shot the film and had to have his mother on set during McLovin’s sex scene. Columbia Pictures/Giphy

9. Co-writer Evan Goldberg’s brother is the one who drew all the penises in the film. LOL Columbia Pictures/Giphy

10. Michael Cera wouldn’t do a sequel because he deemed it “unnecessary.” Columbia Pictures/Giphy

11. Emma Stone’s reaction when Jonah Hill’s character hits her in the movie was totally improvised. Columbia Pictures/Giphy

12. Jonah Hill was originally thought to be too old for the role. At the time he was 23 playing 17. Columbia Pictures/Giphy