10 Survival Tips For Shopping On Black Friday

It’s all happening! Yes, Thanksgiving is tomorrow where we can stuff our bellies like mad sans guilt in honor of breaking bread with the Native Americans. BUT, beyond the feasts and football and indulgent cocktails, there’s another holiday (nightmare?) on the horizon. Ya’ll know what I’m talking about… BLACK FRIDAY. The sales are about to get real as we all hustle to buy gifts for all our loved ones. The problem is, to get these sales you have to brave crowds and general mayhem. With this in mind, here are 10 survival tips for shopping on Black Friday:

Start Early, But Don’t Get WILD – Sure, you want to get there before everything’s picked over, but don’t go ham and camp out over night. Not worth it.

Stay Hydrated – After a full day of feasting, your sodium and sugar levels are probably through the roof. Bring water and stay hydrated.

Caffeine Is Your BFF – It’s OK. We all had a bit too much to drink on turkey day. Grab a coffee or two to stay energized for the shop shop revolution.

Bring Cash – Black Friday is one of those days where you hear about credit card issues and theft and hacking schemes. Bring cash and avoid all the drama.

Stick To Your List – It’s so easy to get distracted by all the shiny things in stores. Stick to your list so you don’t end up over spending or buying stuff you really don’t want or need purely because it’s on sale.

Stay Calm – People tend to get into frenzy mode on Black Friday. Be calm and try not to Hulk out.

Embrace The Experience – Black Friday is nuts. It’s a full-on shit show. We all know this, so embrace it and stay positive or get out of the game.

BYO Bags – Some stores have crappy bags or charge for them. Bring your own sturdy bags so you can consolidate and be comfortable lugging your purchases around.

Carry Snacks – With all the crowds, shopping, and standing in line you’re bound to work up an appetite. Bring snacks like trail mix or a breakfast bar so you don’t get HANGRY.

Treat Yo’ Self – Black Friday can be kiiiind of rough. While you’re out and about shopping for friends and family, don’t be afraid to treat yourself to an item or two. You deserve it.