10 Signs You’re Kylie Jenner’s Secret Style Twin

Love or hate her, there’s no denying Kylie Jenner has some serious style. No matter what the reality star and lip kit queen wears, she looks flawless, makes headlines, and keeps us on our toes of what she’s going to step out in next.

If you’re as into fashion as Kylie, there’s a chance you are actually one in the same. Read on for these 10 sure fire ways to tell if you’re secret style twins!

1. You have a habit of wearing outfits similar to your big sister or BFF. 

2. You aren’t afraid of taking fashion risks. #silkrobeasajacket

3. It doesn’t phase you to attend a party underdressed but still manage to turn heads.

4. There is #noshame in your game when it comes to running around town in something as basic and unglamorous as sweats.

5. You have a penchant for always having a seriously drool worthy purse on your arm.

6. Dark oversized sunglasses are your thing.

7. You pay attention to every detail, down to your nail art. 

8. When it comes to fashion, you’re the trendsetter, not the trend follower.

9. It’s pretty common for people to come to you for fashion advice. 

10. Your #OOTD instagrams always get the most likes. 


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