WATCH: ROZES Goes ‘Under The Grave’ In New Video

If you haven’t heard of ROZES, there’s a pretty good possibility you’ve been living under a rock. The singer, who had a massive hit, “Roses” with DJ duo The Chainsmokers over the summer, has been generating serious buzz as a musical force to be reckoned with, and just proved it by dropping a video for her new single, “Under The Grave.”

Speaking to relationships in her life that fell to the wayside during personal life transitions, ROZES opened up to Marie Claire about the emotional roller coaster that inspired the track.

“I wanted to write a song that explained how I recognize that I was not my best self in a situation where my friends needed me the most,” she says. “I think we’ve all been there. I think we all can remember a time when we weren’t ‘there’ for the people we loved the way we should have been. But it’s because we are human, and we all react differently to certain situations.”

The video shows a range of physical and emotional reactions to the lyrics, showcasing mesmerizing imagery of lights and subtle kaleidoscope vibes. It’s a play-on-repeat kind of song and video that will keep you moving all day long!

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