Signs You Still Might Not Be Over Your Ex

Break ups are tough, and it really sucks when the break up is a big one that really feels like a stab to the heart. As much as you’d like to get past the heartache as fast as possible, there are some people you date who emotionally stick with you even years after you part ways. So in case you’re wondering if you’re truly over your ex…here are a few signs that you still have a ways to go before your former plus 1 is truly a thing a of the past.

1. You still check their social media platforms multiples times a week.

2. When you see they’re dating someone new it doesn’t hurt, but it definitely hits a spot that irks you.

3. You will still compare yourself to this new person and decide you are the best thing your ex will ever have.

4. Even if your heart feels healed, it’s still hard to forget how much they hurt you.

5. You get a sense of satisfaction when you see your ex has been watching your Instagram live stories.

6. Knowing that they’re still lurking you, you make the effort to post about crushing hard on someone else.

7. You’ve definitely kept an online/IRL relationship going with some of your ex’s closest friends because you know it will bother them.

8. When you think of your ex, words like, “idiot, jerk, and asshole” come to mind.

9. The idea of ever being friends with them is not even a possibility.

10. You still hope one day someone will burn them, and they’ll feel the kind of hurt they inflicted on you.