Buzznet Beauty Obsessed: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Is Everything

Recently Buzznet received a package of make-up goodies from the endlessly cool Urban Decay. Aside from phenomenal foundation and eyeliners was a tube of Vice Comfort Matte lipstick in BACKTALK. Um can we say Ah-mazing?!?

It was an immediate obsession. Sure, not every color will go with every skin tone, but we can’t urge you enough to find a color in this line that works for you. We’re feeling pretty positive this is one of the best lipsticks you’ll ever invest in and here’s why…

1. It glides on like a hot knife through soft butter.

2. Your lips will literally feel like pillows.

3. If you lick your lips, it doesn’t taste bad.

4. Annnd it stays on for a lonnng time. No need to re-apply every 2 minutes!

5. The packaging is edgy and sophisticated.

6. It has a reasonable price point.