7 Scary Movies You Have To Watch In October

Has Halloween fever hit you yet? If you’re that person on the block whose already hit up the pumpkin patch twice and who spent 3 hours strategically placing fake spiderwebs on your bushes, I’d say you’re ready to enter the spooky movie night zone. Here are seven scary movies you have to watch this October:

Poltergeist – Ghost stories are just classic… and terrifying! Get into this 1982 classic as you plan your Halloween adventure.

Paranormal Activity – In 2007, Paranormal Activity basically left an entire generation sleeping with the lights on. By filming mock “surveillance” footage similar to what you’d see in reality TV, this flick holds up pretty well in the “cover your eyes and hold somebody’s hand” department.

Hocus Pocus – Alright, you don’t have to tell me… I know Hocus Pocus isn’t exactly a fright fest, but regardless, this is a Halloween classic! It’s a crowd pleaser and totally acceptable for all ages. (i.e. It’s totally acceptable for adults like me who can’t handle actual scary movies.)

Scream – Cheesey? Check. Kinda dumb? Check. Amazing cast and so much nostalgia and outdated telephone fear? CHECK CHECK CHECK.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – For some reason, typing that movie title still gives me the heebie jeebies! Do yourself a favor and avoid the reboot. Go classic with the OG 1974 slaughterhouse flick.

The Blair Witch Project – People scared in the woods? It’s hard to say no. Plus, you know you need to see that terrified girl crying and snotting at the camera.

Psycho – Alfred Hitchcock and that infamous shower scene are reason enough to watch this freaky 1960 slasher.