7 Hollywood Babes Who Would Be The Best Boyfriends

Anyone who says dating is easy is insane. For the mere mortal, dating is one of the biggest obstacles and challenges one will face in life. There are mixed signals, chemistry issues, fear of commitment, break ups, make ups…the list of roadblocks seems never ending. However, there are at least seven guys in Tinseltown who would make the best boyfriends if ever given a chance to date them.

Shawn Mendes – Sure he’s been linked to Camila Cabello, but he’s still technically single. His soulful singing, thoughtfulness, and sweet disposition is everything you want to bring home to meet your family and call yours forever. Dates with Shawn would likely include a lot of laughs and serenade to make you swoon.

Nick Jonas – The former Jonas Brother member has gone from being a cute kid to a multi-talented powerhouse that oozes sex appeal. He’s beyond loyal to his friends, family, and no ex has ever had a bad thing to say about him. The only thing missing from his life is the perfect girl to compliment all his positive traits. Nick would indulge in long talks, unexpected adventures, and he will never kiss and tell.

Jaden Smith – There’s no denying Jaden is a total babe, has a sensitive soul, and many deep thoughts about life. He’d be fun to date for his unexpected style choices, intellect, and down-to-earth attitude toward fame and living in the spotlight.

Cody Simpson – First and foremost Cody has an Australian accent, which is beyond hot. Aside from being able to listen to him talk every second of the day, Cody is the type of boyfriend who only makes time for those who really matter. If his loyalty, honesty, and talent isn’t enough to make you fall head over heels, then you’re probably a masochist who only loves bad boys.

Calvin Harris – From his time as Taylor Swift‘s boyfriend, Calvin proved he’s beyond loyal, easy going, fun, funny, and is more than willing to step in and watch little furry friends when you’re out of town. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a total bab, accomplished DJ, and knows how to drop some seriously dope beats.

Joe Jonas – Like his younger brother Nick, Joe has grown into a multi-talented pop-star who oozes sex appeal. Aside from standing side stage at his DNCE shows and hanging backstage, Joe would be loyal and committed to making you happy. His outgoing personality and tight knit group of friends is a basic guarantee that dating Joe would be nothing but fun and feeling secure!

Harry Styles – It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Harry, but that doesn’t make him any less date worthy! Being by his side would mean listening to his babe British accent tell you all about his life before fame, inside secrets no one knows about, and spending time going on wild adventures that will forever keep a smile on your face.