7 Halloween Party No No’s To Avoid

By now, the Halloween party invites are probably rolling in. It’s the one holiday that adults, kids, teens, and even senior freaking citizens love to celebrate with a festive soiree. Well, if you’re gearing up to make the rounds at all your pal’s Halloween events, here’s a list of 7 Halloween party no no’s you definitely need to avoid:

1. If you don’t understand somebody’s costume, try not to throw a bunch of shade their way by asking what they are rudely or making lame guesses. Be cool about it!

2. OK, OK, we get that you can get a little sexy on Halloween if that’s your thing. But, try not to go over the top, especially if it’s a family friendly party or you know you’ll be standing around outside on uneven terrain/scuffing up hardwood floors with your sky-high stripper heels.

3. Conversely, if a friend, acquaintance, or stranger went all-in with a sexy, scandalous ensemble, don’t slut shame them. Maybe just ignore their outfit entirely. Not getting that attention will probably do the trick.

4. Don’t drink too much, especially if the drink of choice is a sugary, fruity, Halloween punch! You’ll regret it in the morning and you’ll probably end up making a bad decision or two before the night ends.

5. Halloween parties tend to have a crazy spread of candy and sweet treats. Be sure to eat dinner first and go easy on the candy table. Your teeth, your stomach, and your hangover will thank you in the morning.

6. If you’re at a Halloween party with little ones, don’t go out of your way to really, truly freak them out with ghost stories and scary looks. Be playful, but don’t give them nightmares.

7. Avoid pranks and sneaky shenanigans. While there’s always a little mischief in the air on Halloween, there’s no need to TP you friend’s house or fuck shit up.