23 Amazing Life Lessons Demi Lovato Has Taught Us

For such a young soul, Demi Lovato has packed a ton into her life. From movies, to music, to rehab and back, the A-list pop star has taken all of her hardships and success in stride. Along the way she’s managed to teach us all some pretty amazing life lessons too.

Check out the 23 things Demi has taught us and don’t forget to leave your favorite thing about Demi in the comments below!

1. It’s always important to know who you are. 

2. Every girl is beautiful and deserves to feel that way.

3. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. 

 4. Like when you perform in front of a ton of people and have an epic fall.

 5. It’s totally ok to eat junk food if you feel like it. Not food shaming allowed!

 6. It’s always a good idea to show happiness and excitement. 

 7. If you feel like crying, just let it out!

 8. Having a good hair flip is essential for life. 

 9. Speaking of hair, always be daring with it. 

 10. It’s important to show love and support to your siblings. 

 11. And thank the special people in your life you have supported you. 

 12. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. 

 13. Other people’s opinions shouldn’t influence how you live your life. 

 14. The first person you should love in life is yourself.

 15. It’s ok to have a bad day. 

 16. You don’t always need to be a “yes” person. 

 17. Laughing can be the best medicine when you’re feeling down. 

18. Squad culture is overrated.  

 19. There is never a bad time to spontaneously start dancing. 

 20. Friendships can fade, but you’ll always have good memories to look back on. 

 21. No one is perfect and you shouldn’t feel pressure to be. 

 22. So just remember you’re already perfect just the way you are.

 23. And above all..stay strong.