13 New Girl GIFs That Explain Our Lives Perfectly

For six glorious seasons, New Girl has been bringing us the giggles, and real talk, and friendship, and pop culture sayings. In a lot of ways, it’s totally the Friends for millennials, amirite? To further prove our point, here are 13 glorious New Girl GIFs that explain our modern lives just perfectly:

1. When you’re PMS-ing hard:

2. When you’re not so great at dating, but you’re trying your best to give it your A game:

3. When you’ve just gone through a break up and you tell it like it is:

4. When you come to terms with the fact that you are who you are and you’re nuts:

5. When you finally snag your dream human:

6. When you can’t stand kids and their shenanigans:

7. When you’re old enough to admit how certain alcohols make you feel:

8. When you’re awkwardly trying to impress the gal of your dreams:

9. Anytime a friend of yours says something totally douchey and lame:

10. When you wish your life was more like an ‘80s movie:

11. When you’re ride or die with your BFF:

12. When you’re crushing at life:

13. When you realize all you need in life is your BUDS: