10 Things Every Girl Thinks When She’s About To Be Kissed

A first kiss with anyone is kind of a big deal. It could be someone you’ve been crushing on for a long time, or a fluke smooch fest on a magical night. Regardless, when you’re about to be in lip-lock with some dreamy eyed babe there are several things that run through a girl’s mind, including…

1. OMG there’s a definite “I’m gonna kiss you vibe happening, I wonder when he’s gonna go for it?”

2. Oh fuck, I hope my breath doesn’t stink. What was the last thing I ate?

3. Do I have gum or mints?

4. I do not have gum or mints, shit. I wonder if there’s a bathroom where I can rinse my mouth.

5. Oh God, I hope he doesn’t have bad breath.

6. What if he’s a tongue jabber?

7. What if our kissing styles don’t match?

8. Ugh…he’s such a babe.

9. I wonder if he thinks I’m hotter than his last girlfriend.

10. I can’t wait to tell (insert BFF’s name) about this.