10 Life Lessons All Time Low Has Taught Us

We don’t even need to tell you why All Time Low is a Buzznet favorite, or why the band’s Hustler’s are the best, or how amazing their shows are. Fact is, ATL rules and it’s super hard to find fault in a band that is a zillion percent invested in their art and doing everything in their power for those who support them. However through the years the band has taught us some super valuable life lessons.

1. A sense of humor is everything.

2. Confidence is key in turning dreams into reality.

3. Remaining humble and grateful even at the highest levels of success will always be respected.

4. You don’t need to have a traditional 9-5 job to be considered accomplished.

5. True love DOES exist.

6. It’s better to have a small core group of best friends than a huge pool of acquaintances.

7. Music is magic and can literally save lives.

8. There’s no shame in sharing your most heartfelt feelings and thoughts.

9. Never feel guilty spending a day in bed to recuperate from a hectic time in your life.

10. Taking yourself too seriously can stop you from experiencing some amazing life moments.