’90s Supermodels Who Slayed The Runway

September is here, which means New York Fashion Week is kicking off. Man, don’t you miss the good old days of bomb ass mega supermodels? Sure, we’ve got GiGi and Kendall, but nothing beats those ’90s supermodels who just slayed all day. On this flashback Friday, let’s reflect on some of the greatest models of all time from decades gone by:

Claudia Schiffer – I think Claudia single handedly kept Guess in business.

Linda Evangelista – Linda makes pink business suits look fly as hell.

Cindy Crawford: I mean, has a Pepsi and a beauty mark ever looked so good?

Naomi Campbell – Naomi hasn’t aged a day, am I right?

Kate Moss – We are truly not worthy of ’90s Kate Moss.

Tyra Banks – I mean… there’s a reason Tyra can judge hundreds of wannabe models on a reality show.

Christy Turlington – Nobody pulls off sequin bras like this chick.