10 Reasons Why FNL’s Matt Saracen Is Still The Ultimate Boyfriend

Ok, so maybe Friday Night Lights has been off the air for a year (or five,) but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the Dillon Panthers. In fact, we still yell “Texas Forever” and have long, well thought out debates regarding whether Tim Riggins or Matt Saracen was the babe of babes. Whether you’re Riggs all the way or not, I think we can all agree Matt Saracen was true boyfriend material. On this #FBF, here are 10 reasons Matt Saracen, played by the adorable Zach Gilford, is still the ultimate boyfriend:

  1. He somehow manages to be the perfect combination of awkward, sensitive, brooding, and smooth.
  2. He’s not afraid to show all his emotions and cry you a river.
  3. He’s so darn good to his grandma it makes you want to die.
  4. He’s not afraid to dance like an idiot to make you laugh.
  5. He’s an artist and would happily draw you like one of those French girls.
  6. He’s not opposed to waiting and waiting and waiting for you.
  7. He supports himself and his family, even if it means working at the Alamo Freeze.
  8. He is NOT afraid to commit.
  9. He’ll have a great, almost father-like relationship with your own dad.
  10. He’s adorable AF!