In Defense Of Man Buns

I’m sorry I’m not sorry for absolutely LOVING the man bun. Years ago when I was only interested in dating a short haired bleach blond surfer, a man bun was repulsive and weird. Fast forward to present day, and all I find myself staring at is guys with man buns. I can do with or without a beard, but the bun is a must.

I’m sure there’s some of you who hate man buns as much as I used to, but after falling in a man bun black hole on Instagram the past few days, I realized why I find them so attractive. Man buns mean a guy has hair long enough to pull into one. This is a general indicator that that guy is a creative. He’s a free spirit, and completely comfortable in his own skin. Even if he works a 9-6 job, there’s something that screams rebel, bad boy, mysterious, and seriously stylish. Guys with buns good enough to make a girl jealous is definitely worth a gallery. I mean, hey, when you don’t have as many clothing options as a girl turning to mother nature to help you stand out isn’t a bad idea.

You still might be steadfast against accepting a guy with longer hair, but one peek at these mega babes might just change your mind.

You’re welcome.

Do you love or loathe man buns?