9 Ways All Time Low Continues To Give Back To Their Fans

After more than 10 years together, All Time Low wouldn’t be where they are without their devoted fan base of Hustlers. The fans are just as much part of the band as Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Zack Merrick, and Rian Dawson, and the guys have definitely taken notice of their devotion and undying love for their music and message. Being an amazing band made up of pretty stellar dudes, it’s no wonder they do everything they can to keep their Hustler’s happy and coming back for more. We’re sure there’s a zillion different ways they give back, but these 9 are true stand outs.

1. They are totally open and willing to share life behind-the scenes with fans. ICYMI, they just dropped All Time Low’s ‘Straight To DVD II’ on Sept. 9th and if you haven’t picked up a copy, you’re totallllly missing out.

2. They make sure their merch is something you’ll feel good about spending your money on and wearing until it’s faded and thread bare.

3. Alex and Jack continue to be the funniest pair of besties on the planet. Seriously…who gets tired of watching them interact?!

4. Every time they put out new music, it’s never a disappointment.

5. There’s never a shortage of smiles and gratitude for everyone and everything they have in their lives.

6. When it’s showtime…it’s really showtime. No matter how they’re feeling, giving Hustler’s a phenomenal experience they’ll always remember is the #1 priority.

7. Their Instagrams keep everyone updated on what they’re doing, who they’re hanging with, what they’re excited about and enough drool worthy selfies to stare at all day.


A photo posted by All Time Low (@alltimelow) on

A photo posted by All Time Low (@alltimelow) on

8. There’s always time to hand out hugs for Hustlers.

9. The guys aren’t shy to show their love for each other, creating good vibes and setting a great example of how to treat each other.