9 Things Every Girl Thinks When Crushing On A Younger Guy

At this point, we all know what a “cougar” is, but just in case… a tried and true cougar is a lady in her 40s or 50s scoring dudes in their 20s. (#RESPECT) Now that that’s established, what about all us gals in the middle who happen to meet a dude just a few years younger than us? It’s not exactly cougar living, but dating a younger guy does make you ponder. In fact, here are nine things every girl thinks when crushing on a younger guy:

Wait, so what’s an acceptable age gap here? Is this even an issue?

Hmmm… how old was he when I graduated high school? College?

Are his parents going to give me the side eye? Should I lie about my age? (i.e. my remaining child bearing years…)

Oh shit, do I look really old next to him? Do I need to keep it even tighter?

Honestly, if the roles were reversed and I was younger than him this would be NBD. Gender bias!

Is he even going to get my cultural references?

Am I being a dirty, dirty ageist? This guy is so chill… who cares!

Why am I even stewing on this? I met a dude and he’s over 21 so it’s totally fair game, amirite?

And most importantly, I wonder if he has more energy…. in BED!