7 Steps Of Making Out With A Bad Kisser

There is nothing worse than getting caught sucking face with someone who has no idea what they’re doing. It can be seriously awkward, and there’s no doubt you will go through these seven things.

1. Denial. After all the build up you’re not going to allow yourself to believe this super babe sucks at kissing…even though it feels fuqing terrible.

2. You will silently try to train their lips to go the way yours are. They refuse to do so.

3. Thoughts begin racing around your head…”Do they think this is good?”…”Can they tell I’m not into it?”…”Should I say something?”…”How much longer until the is over?”…”OMG did they just lick my nose?”

4. You pull away and say you “need a break,” to buy you time away from their slobbery hoover mouth.

5. When they start moving back in for more you quickly begin thinking about the hot guy you saw at the coffee shop earlier.

6. When he excuses himself to go to the bathroom, you grab your phone and text your friend about how awful it is.

7. When they get back, you make an excuse to go home. Then you leave.