7 Harry Potter Spells We Wish We Could Use

The glorious world of Harry Potter is true magic in every sense of the word. These books and movies still make us crave an alternate universe where we can be whisked away to Hogwarts to learn all about potions and spells and flying on broomsticks. Just for fun, here are seven Harry Potter spells we all wish we could use in real life:

Accio – Think about all the time you could save if you could use a good “Accio” spell! This locater spell could find your keys, wallet, iPhone in literally no time at all.

Expelliarmus – Why use an aggressive weapon if you have a spell that simply disarms your opponent? One love, everybody.

Wingardium Leviosa – Levitation is the coolest! If I had a spell like this that could make things levitate, you better believe my dog would be floating through the air constantly.

Stupefy – In a pinch, when you need to hit the skids or sneak off, stupefying someone so they’re immobile would be pretty darn tight.

Obliviate – I mean, haven’t you ever said or done something silly you wish you could erase from somebody else’s memory? UGH, it would make first dates so freaking easy.

Lumos – This spell is just plain practical! Instead of trying to find your iPhone flashlight button, why not a spell that lights the tip of your bitchin’ wand?

Expecto Patronum – Everyone wants to feel protected, loved, and secure. I don’t know about you, but conjuring a spirit animal sounds perfectly ideal.