5 Fall Beauty Fails To Avoid

The weather might not know it yet, but fall is basically here! As we yearn to transition our wardrobes and our beauty regimens to match a new season, it’s easy to embrace trendy and perhaps regrettable choices. Here are five beauty fails to avoid this season like the plague!

Cray Cray Eyebrows: Yes, we get it. Big, bold, fab eyebrows are back in a serious way. While it’s pretty chill to try and rock those Cara Delevingne brows, exercise restraint! There’s no need to go overboard and turn your eyebrows into furry face critters.

Overly Messy Buns and Ponies: There’s nothing more liberating than rocking a top knot or a casual pony tail. With the right outfit, you can look effortlessly chic. You may run into problems when you try to make your up-do look too messy and effortless. Don’t tease and pull and prod your hair into a messy bun or pony that looks like it took hours to complete. Just freestyle, baby!

Glitter Contour: Glitter contour was seen on the runways during NYFW. Sure, it seems cool for the runway, but this odd little beauty idea is not going to translate well to a coffee date or night on the town. Stick to your normal contour and call it day!

The Lady Mullet: The more we embrace grunge, the more outlandish the hairstyles get. Sure, a lady mullet can look cool with a motorcycle jacket, ripped tights, and a baby doll dress for an evening, but rocking a mullet all season long will get tired. Plus, growing out a mullet is not fun.

Self Tanner: We get it. The sun goes away in the fall and it makes us all very sad. Try not to fall victim to the allure of self tanner though. Nobody wants to have orange skin. Embrace the pale and be yourself!