4 Fall Trends We Spotted During New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week wrapped up yesterday and now that we’ve seen everything high fashion designers have in store for their Spring/Summer 2017 collections, we can start saving money and searching for key items we absolutely have to have. Obviously one of the best parts of NYFW is the street style that pops up at every show. From conservative fabrics to bold statement pieces, it’s always interesting to see what people consider cool, and if you’re lucky enough to wear a standout ensemble you might just get snapped by a street style photographer and end up being seen by thousands on a trendy fashion site!

Regardless of your style, we picked up on four key trends we saw on more than a few fashionistas wearing while running from show to show. These are all guaranteed winners for sweet Fall style and should be incorporated into your closet ASAP.

The Midi-Pleated Skirt

It seemed everywhere we looked, someone was wearing a midi-pleated skirt. It’s a phenomenal piece to have in your wardrobe because it is entirely versatile for any given situation. We saw it styled with a t-shirt and cool sneakers as well as a pretty blouse with heels. It also happens to look good on every figure and is such a classic piece, you can wear it for years…or at least until you’ve completely worn it out!

A Leopard Print Accent Piece

Everywhere we went we saw an accent of leopard on everyone! Whether it was a belt, cute flats, a purse, scarf, or other accessory, it’s pretty clear some form of leopard print should be high on your list of priority items to keep in heavy rotation this Fall.


There’s no doubt that metallics can be a little intimidating to wear, especially when you aren’t sure how to style them. While hanging around the fashion obsessed the past week, we spotted a ton of style queens wearing chrome and rose gold metallic shoes, purses, bomber jackets, skirts, and tops! The key is to keep the rest of your outfit low-key and simple to ensure you don’t look too busy and mismatched.

Skinny Black Choker

Gigi Hadid sort of pioneered the comeback of the choker and at this year’s fashion week, it was like a seas of skinny black chokers secured around every neck. Not only are they statement making, fit any style, and are everywhere, but they serve as a nice throwback to primetime ’90s fashion flavor.