20 Reasons We’re Obsessed With All Time Low’s Jack Barakat

When it comes to All Time Low, there’s never enough posted about the guys we love to hustle for, however, it’s rare that we ever single them out to pay homage to their individual ultimate radness. While doing our daily drooling over pics and gifs of the guys, we realized how many amazing reasons there are to loooooove Jack Barakat.

Check out these absolutely adorable, funny and highly shareable reasons he’s so freaking special. Enjoy!

Jack is undeniably easy on the eyes. 

He is fearless and fun every time he takes the stage.

Jack has always had an adventurous spirit when it comes to trying new things with his hair.

We love how he looks when he says “awesome.”

He’d be adorable as a kitty cat.

Jack can run around naked in front of fans and no one thinks he’s crazy. 

His sense of humor can win over anyone.

Even when he’s picking his nose, Jack is totally crushable. 

Again….Look. At. That. Face.

He’s a loyal friend.

His smile is everything.

He isn’t afraid to kiss a guy…especially Alex Gaskarth.

He has a Mangina.

Jack has a lot of feels for burritos.

He can rock sequins better than most girls. 

And seems pretty at home dressing up as a female. 

Jack likes to share awesome events in his life with his mom. 

He knows how to give a good hug. 

He can fake magic. 

Did we mention how gorgeous he is? 

Well just in case…