20 Reasons We’ll Never Stop Being Obsessed With Alex Gaskarth

Last week we told you all the reasons why Jack Barakat is kind of the coolest, so it’s only fair we do the same for All Time Low‘s lead singer, Alex Gaskarth. Sure he may be married to the gorgeous Lisa Gaskarth, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t admire Alex for the wonderfully fun, funny, weird, and sweet things he brings to the world.

1. His wink…ugh…dead. So dreamy. 

2. Alex is never afraid to get ridiculously silly. 

3. He has confidence for days, which is beyond attractive.

4. He welcomes hugs. 

5. And if we’re talking hugs, we should mention that he blows kisses to perfection. 

6. He’s always at his best when he’s with Jack.

7. He knows how to have fun with a giant blow up penis. 

8. Even when Alex looks freaked out, he’s still a mega babe.

9. Like Jack, Alex looks great as a cute kitty. 

10. Um this gif of Alex singing with his eyes closed and giving us all a peek of his tummy. 

11. He can wear anything and still look amazing. 

12. Alex can do fun party tricks.

13. He flips his mic like it’s nobody’s business. 

14. THIS is totally normal and every Hustler will agree it’s hilariously cute.

15. He’s proof that your passion can be your career. 

16. This leg thing…swoooon!

17. Alex isn’t ashamed to be a Belieber.

18. You can always count on Alex to have the best time and interact with his Hustlers during an ATL show. 

19. Ummmmm….

20. He’s forever loyal to the people who mean the most to him.