15 Clueless Fun Facts To Blow Your Mind

Clueless is a teen cult classic which has delighted and entertained audiences over and over with the slang, fashion, and ridiculously awesome cast of characters. There’s a zillion laughs and one-liners that will forever stand the test of time, but the following 15 fast facts are probably going to make your jaw drop!

1. The movie was originally pitched as a television show to be called No Worries or Clueless In California.

2. There are 53 types of plaid that appear in the movie’s costumes.

3. Paul Rudd initially auditioned for the roles of Christian and Murray, but accepted the role of Cher’s nerdy former step-brother Josh.

4. Speaking of casting, Sarah Michelle Geller was originally offered the role of Cher, but  to scheduling conflicts forced her to turn it down.

5.  It took a mere 40 days to shoot the entire movie.

6.  Alicia Silverstone was the only cast member in her teens at the time of filming. 

7. Director Amy Heckerling’s fear of driving on the freeway inspired this movie scene:

8. Back then, actors didn’t often want to audition for gay characters, making the casting of Cher’s crush Christian the most difficult part to fill.

9. Paramount released a “How To Speak Cluelessly” booklet to help promote the film. 

10. Brittany Murphy was a real life virgin who couldn’t drive when she delivered this line:

11. Unlike her character Cher, Alicia Silverstone was clueless about fashion when she accepted the role.

12. During the movie’s party scene, the cast had to apply generous amounts of chapstick to get their lips to stick to the prop cards for the suck and blow game. 

13. Amy Heckerling made a cameo at the very end of the film as Ms. Geist’s maid-of-honor.

14. Cher’s mispronunciation of Haitians during her class debate scene wasn’t scripted. 

15. The movie is a loose retelling of the Jane Austen novel Emma.