10 Celebs Who Weren’t Considered Cool In High School

We tend to think celebrities live a charmed life from the get go. While some of our favorite actors and musicians probably got on just fine in their teenage years, plenty of celebs had it rough like the rest of us. If you’re concerned about being cool in high school, kick back and relax. Being cool isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Here are 10 celebs who were not considered “cool” in high school that are doing just dandy now:

Zac Efron – This late bloomer was a self-proclaimed skinny, awkward musical theatre geek in high school.

Cameron Diaz – This bombshell says she was a total dork in high school. She was picked on for her tall, lanky frame.

Brittany Snow – Brittany was bullied daily and felt like an outcast.

Lady Gaga – This diva queen was teased mercilessly for her “big nose” and “funny laugh.” Jokes on them!

Christian Bale – Turns out Batman was beat up at school on the regular.

Adam Levine – Maroon 5’s lead singer was a serious music geek in high school.

Megan Fox – Sure she’s a mega babe and a movie franchise queen, but back in high school, this fox was all about Sci-Fi.

Julia Roberts – In high school, Julia played the clarinet in band. Apparently, she was more band geek than stunner in those days.

Rashida Jones – Rashida is totally gorgeous and hilarious. Back in high school she says she was just a “chubby nerd.”

Jennifer Garner – In high school, Jen was picked on for her outfit choices and dreamt of being a librarian!