Things Every Girl Thinks Who Hates Her Damaged Hair

Having a head of hair is kind of amazing. It never stops growing, can be cut, dyed, curled, straightened, glossed, moussed, hair sprayed and much much more. However, when you’ve done a ton of damage to your locks there’s a good chance you’ll wake up one day, look at your mop of fried dead hair and begin thinking the following every time you see a girl with healthy, gorgeous hair.

1. Why did I ever think messing with my hair was a good idea?

2. OMG I’d kill to have her hair.

3. OK from this moment on, I’m not going to do anything else and just grow my hair out.

4. Why don’t I have hair that thick and shiny?

5. I wonder how she got her hair that color without completely destroying it.

6. It’s not fair that her hair grows like a weed and mine grows slower than a snail.

7. I hate my hair.

8. I wonder if everyone else is thinking about how gross my hair looks.

9. Once I have healthy hair, I’m never doing anything to it ever again.

10. Wait, I always wanted to try (insert insane hair damaging procedure)…maybe I can get it done without damaging it.