Style Obsession: Infinite VIII

Here at Buzznet, we’re always stoked when we come across a new line of clothing that taps into our fashion obsessed hearts. It’s been a minute since we’ve been really excited about an up and coming line, but when we were introduced to Infinite VIII, our eyes bugged out and we were instantly obsessed.

The alien themed, hats, tees, and crop tops are beyond cute and carry amusing slogans like, “Humans suck,” “Weird As F*ck,” “Friends Of The Friendless,” “Let’s Do Hood Rat Shit” and more!

The best part is their line is totally affordable, so you won’t have to empty your entire bank account to snag one! Check out the gallery above to view some of these to die for tees, then head over to their online store HERE to scoop one up now!

You can also stay on top of all their new releases, news, and more by following them on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!