This Is Literally The Coolest Hack To Stretch Your Shoes

How many times have you been out shopping, find the equivalent of a unicorn in shoe form, but when you try them on they’re so F-ing tight you can barely stand up? It doesn’t matter how bad you want them, if worn more than two steps you’re basically sentencing your feet to death. It’s such a bummer, but occasionally, we ignore all the red flags, buy them anyway, and hate ourselves later when we’re limping barefoot down the street. Ew.

Thankfully, we learned a super cool trick to stretch out shoes that won’t cost you any money, and everything you need is in your house!That being said, if you need a little help becoming Cinderella, grab a plastic sealable baggie, fill it with water and put it in your too tight footwear. Place your shoes with the water baggies in the freezer and leave overnight. As the water freezes, it will expand, stretching your shoes, and giving you a little bit of breathing room next time you slip them on.

For best results, remove the ice by breaking it and repeat the process with fresh water baggies.

Remember: DO NOT LET THE ICE MELT! The water will ruin your shoes and leave you in tears. Also be mindful of how much water you’re putting in the baggies. Too much has potential to expand and rip the material.

Pretty cool trick right?